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General Topics

  • How do I recharge my Buddie or Libertie Sim Card?
  • What should I do if I lose my phone?
  • How do I replace a lost Sim Card?
  • How do I check my balance on Buddie or Libertie Sim Card?
  • How do I send a Please call Me?
  • How do I transfer airtime?
  • What is a BlackBerry service?
  • How do I subscribe to the loyalty program, view points or redeem my points?
  • How do I activate prepaid roaming?
  • How do I deactivate roaming?
  • How do I activate internet on my mobile phone?
  • How do I activate BlackBerry services on my phone?
  • How do I deposit or withdraw money into or from my Ecocash wallet?
  • If I lose my Sim card and do a Sim Swap, will I still get the money that was in my Ecocash wallet?
  • When is the Buddie peak period?
  • When is the Buddie off peak period?

Fixed Voice

  • How do I get the service?
  • Where do I apply for service?
  • How do I recharge my prepaid landline?
  • I have airtime in my phone but I am unable to make calls
  • How much is the monthly rental for a post paid line?
  • If I do not receive any bill do I have to pay?


  • Currently I do not have a fixed telephone line - can I have ADSL?
  • Can I keep my existing telephone number when moving to ADSL?
  • Can I connect multiple computers to my high-speed ADSL connection?
  • What is a 3G /EVDOM modem (or data card) ?
  • Will I be able to use my 3G/EVDO broadband connection while I'm traveling?
  • How fast is high-speed Internet?
  • How do I get started on using my modem?
  • My internet access has stopped; what could be the problem?

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