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Mobile Contracts Terms & Conditions
General Rules
  • Contract valid for a 24 months terms.
  • The subscriber is issued an invoice a month in advance
  • The subscriber will get monthly allocation of benefits every 1st of the month
  • This Hybrid Service contract exclude devices.
  • Benefits expire at the end of the month
  • All customers are required to go through credit vetting process
  • Hybrid contracts customers are allowed to join corporate CUG
  • Customers are allowed to use Family and Friends feature as available
  • Payment for the contracts is to be made within 30days of invoicing, before the 1st of every following month to enable the system to allocate benefits accordingly
  • If payment is not done before the 1st of the month as above, the benefits will not be loaded and the customer will be required to pay for their airtime for the unpaid month
Migration Rules
  • Subscribers are allowed to migrate upwards or downwards
  • The subscriber is required to settle the current contract before migration
Termination Rules
  • Unless terminated by customer, contracts will automatically be renewed for another 24months.
  • The subscriber is required to settle the current0 contract before terminating the contract
  • If The subscriber has also signed up for device contract, subscriber will required to settle any outstanding device debt before terminating the contract
  • Customer will be expected to submit termination notice by a written letter
  • Provisioning of benefits and invoicing Customer service contract will be terminated immediately upon receipt of letter
Device Contract
Individual 18 months
Business 24 months
Interest escalted over period of collection
3 months Quarter of 12 months
6 months 50% months
12 months Prime +5%
18 months
24 months
Remaining device debt is payable in full upon notice of service contract
Instalment Calculator

Handset Value:
6 months
12 months
18 months
24 months
Interest rates
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