• Dial *199# and enter your PIN to access your Ecocash menu
  • Select Option 9 – Buy Electricity
  • Enter the amount  (e.g. 5 for M5)
  • Enter the meter number

You will see a notification on your screen with the following details: Amount, Biller Code, Company Name (LEC) and Meter No. You can either Select Option 1-Confirm or Option 2-Cancel the transaction.

At any point press # to go back to the main menu.

Upon a successful transaction an SMS will be send to confirm purchase together with the details of the purchase, that is:

      • Receipt number, Customer Name, Meter number; Amount in Maloti of electricity purchased
      • kWh (Kilo Watt per hour)
      • Pin (which you will enter on your meter)
      • Arrears amount
      • New wallet balance
      • Transaction ID

A failed transaction will be notified and money will not be deducted

Remember, to purchase electricity with Ecocash, you need to be registered for Ecocash and must have deposited money into your wallet at an Ecocash Agent / Post Office / Econet shop.


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