Any organisation (profit making/non-profit making) that receives payments for goods or services offered can collect their bill payments through the Ecocash platform from subscribers who are account holders with the said organization e.g. clothing stores, furniture shops, hospitality facilities (e.g hotels), schools, insurance companies, utility facilities (water, electricity, municipal levies) can be billers, suppliers of goods like bread etc can be Ecocash Billers.

A customer is required to have an account number or reference number with the said Biller and they will need to enter this account number when making a payment to the Biller account. The Biller is allocated a unique Biller Code.

The Biller function offers convenience to the customer as they can pay from any location in the country at their convenience; they do not need to que up and waste money on transport costs and saves them time. It benefits the Biller in that it reduces queues at the Biller's premises, minimises the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash and increases security.


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