Fax to email

A service that allows you to receive faxes on your email address in the form of PDF attachments.

It Saves costs on paper, toner and office equipment since faxes are stored electronically. Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the intended recipient and can be retrieved at any location worldwide

To access the service, you can register for the service at


  • The sender of the fax to email is charged M2.10 per minute; Registration is free and there is no subscription fee.

Soft phone

A software that allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet without necessarily having a physical telephone set. you are able to receive and make calls everywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

You can enjoy lower landline tariffs at your convenience. The service is offered only on post-paid and application is done at any ETL outlet country wide.


  • Once off installation fee of M303 and a monthly rental of M56.12.

(click here for Lehokela tariffs)


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