Econet improves data and voice bundles

ECONET has introduced simplified calling and data bundles to give more value to customers. First, data bundle prices have been slashed and there are massive bonuses under the festive season promotion that will last until February 2020.

The net effect of the price drop and the bonuses is more browsing, streaming, downloading and chatting. On the M10 Weekly bundle the price for a megabyte (Mb) of data has been cut from 7 cents to 4 cents. The same bundle now offers 250Mb up from 150Mb, a 66 percent increase in volume at the same price. The M20 weekly bundle now has 800Mb from 600Mb, a 33 percent jump in volume.

Customers who finish their data bundle in a day don’t have to worry because Econet is giving a guaranteed

double-the-value bonus. That means if you finish your weekly data bundle within a day Econet gives the same amount of data that was on the initial bundle you bought. In other words, if you finish your 800Mb (M20) weekly bundle within a day you automatically get another 800Mb to use for the rest of the day. The same bonus applies on the M10 and M50 weekly bundle.

Lebeko Sello, General Manager Consumer Products, however says it is important for customers to remember that the bonuses are promotional until the end of February next year. Sello says the bonus on the weekly

bundles should be used within the same day and it only comes into effect when the initial bundle is finished. “Under the promotion we are saying if you finish your data we will give you a bonus of the same bundle to get through the day,” Sello says.

“The data bundles themselves are discounted because customers are getting more value for the same old price.” He says a distinction should be made between the products and the promotional bonuses. “The bonuses are part of the festive promotion and the new bundles are the product. We are saying the prices of our bundles are reduced.”

The new calling bundles allow Econet subscribers to call all networks in Lesotho. The previous bundles allowed them to make calls to Econet numbers only. This, Lebeko says, allows customers to make “calls to anyone in the country without the need to switch phones hence the “Tšoara Bohle Hohle campaign slogan”. Sello also indicates the voice bundle purchases will also be given BONUS Econet-to-Econet bundles that kick in when bundle is finished on the day of purchase.

“The reason behind giving away the extra minutes is to reward Econet customers for making calls -ha u letse keng?” Sello asked. 

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