Airtime Transfer (Nqhetsolele)

Airtime transfer is a method of transferring existing airtime between prepaid customers and between YourFone payphones and prepaid customers. To transfer airtime, the subscriber dials *125*amount*number of recipient# e.g. To transfer M50 to 6xxxxxxx you will dial *125*50*6xxxxxxx # send.


  • The customer sending airtime has to have sufficient balance to be able to send and remain with a minimum balance of M1.
  • Transferred airtime does not give a recipient any window period.
  • The minimum amount that can be transferred is M1 and the amount of airtime transferred per single transfer / transaction cannot exceed M100.
  • Airtime transfer and receipt is free to receiver and sender.
  • Transferred airtime can be used as long as the customer has an active airtime window. If the airtime window expires, the unused airtime is held in the account and can be used once the airtime window becomes active again after a recharge with a recharge card.

Please call Me

This is a service that allows Buddie and Libertie customers to request a call back from recipient at no charge to the sender. A recipient can be an ETL, VCL, or a Cell C Call Home (South Africa) subscriber.

To send a call back dial *181*number of recipient including a dialling code# and send, e.g. *181*2666xxxxxxx# send.

The receiving customer will get an SMS from +266181 informing them that a certain number (which is the sender's number) would like them to call back.

This service is free of charge.

Loyalty program

This is a reward program for all ETL prepaid voice customers. You can register for free to the program and begin earning points immediately when you start using your phone. These points are bonus rewards given to you as a customers as a way of recognizing your continued support over the years.

To register for the Loyalty Program;

  • Simply dial *121# and choose option 5 to subscribe
  • You will receive a confirmation Response showing that you have successfully registered for the program.
  • 28xxx numbers can only SMS the word 'loyalty' to 121 to subscribe. They will not be able to register by dialing *121#.
  • You can earn loyalty points by making voice calls and using internet/ data on your phone or modem. The points will be converted into Free Minutes, Data and SMSs. It really doesn't get any simpler than this!
  • Free calls and free data will not earn you loyalty points.
  • To check your Loyalty points, or to redeem them, simply dial *121# and choose the option for redeeming SMSs, free minutes or internet.
  • The minimum points that can be redeemed depend on whether you are on Buddie, Libertie or Lekomo.

Click this link to see the Points accumulation and what can be redeemed from them.

Points Allocation



Lekomo 27XXX


Free SMSs

Free Data (MB)

Free Minutes

Free SMSs
50 10 20 5 10
100 40 60 15 40
200 95 140 30 95
500 240 360



1000 540 800




Libertie Points Allocation



Free SMSs

Free Data (MB)

Free Minutes

100 40 60 15
200 95 140 35
500 240 360


1000 540 800



The points you have accumulated are valid for 6 months. If you do not use your points within the 6 months you will lose them.

All items you have redeemed are valid for 30 days from the day they were redeemed, thereafter; they will expire and will no longer be usable.

If you change your number, your points can be transferred to your new number. All you need to do is to Re-register for the program and call 177 for assistance.


- 50 points and 100 points gives daily bundles

- 200+ points gives weekly bundles



Our roaming service keeps you in touch with the world; with our International Roaming service, you can enjoy

the use of your own number in a number of countries across the globe. Services you can access include voice,

SMS and data depending on the network you are roaming on.

Buddie and Libertie customers can only roam where ETL has prepaid roaming services. To enjoy roaming

please activate the service before leaving the country. Dial *197*1# to activate.

To deactivate roaming dial *197*0#

Services you can access while roaming:

- Calls


- Data

- All USSD services:

 *100#, *199#. *134#, *125# etc


Recharge services

1. You can use your Buddie, Libertie or Lekomo recharge vouchers to recharge your account using


2. You can also top up using EcoCash by dialling *199# and following the menus

3. Friends and family can transfer airtime to your account

4. While roaming on MTN South Africa, you can top up your account using MTN South Africa recharge

vouchers by dialling *222*PIN#

***Please note voice or data bundles are not applicable while roaming. All usage is charged from airtime.

To check roaming coverage and tariffs please click here


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