Device Warranty Terms and Conditions


  • This limited warranty applies to Devices that have been sold by Econet Telecom Lesotho (ETL). This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy of the Customer and the sole and exclusive obligation of ETL to the Customer for defective and malfunctioning Devices.
  • This limited warranty replaces all other warranties and liabilities whether oral or written
  • ETL shall in no case be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages, costs or expenses.
  • Any change or amendment to this limited warranty shall be made and approved by ETL.


Warranty Period

  • The warranty on all Devices is provided by the relevant Device manufacturers and is usually a period of 12 /24 months.
  • The warranty is valid from the date of the purchase of the Device reflected on the Customers receipt.
  • In case of a Device replacement, the warranty period will continue for the remaining 12/24 month period
  • All supplies and accessories such as (chargers, batteries, headphones, and power supplies) are covered by warranty for a period not exceeding three (3) months.


Requirements from customer in order to make a warranty claim

  • To make use of/make a claim under this limited warranty, the Customer must present the original receipt of purchase, the Device, box and accessories to ETL.


ETL's reserved rights

  • During the warranty period, ETL shall repair or replace the defective Device at its sole discretion. ETL will return the repaired or replaced Device to the Customer in a working condition.
  • In case of a repair, ETL will change the defective component. All the parts of the Device including the main board are regarded as components. Any materials or other equipment that has been replaced, is owned by ETL


Time  around Time for Repairs

The turnaround time for repairs shall be a period not exceeding twenty one (21) days. The TAT will depend of the nature of the fault, availability of spare parts and/or third party support.


Exclusions/Limitation to limited warranty

  • The defect caused by use of the Device contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, by exposure to moisture, by unauthorized opening or repair or by repair with use of unauthorized parts;
  • The defect resulting from accident;
  • The defect resulting from wear and tear;
  • Alteration of the IMEI in any way whether it has been removed, erased, altered, changed or is illegible
  • The defect caused by use or association of the Device with any other Device that is not appropriate based on the technical specifications of the Device;
  • The defect resulting from changes in software or downloading of illegal software by the Customer or an unauthorized person;
  • The defect due to a file or Device which has been placed to the internal or external memory of the Device;
  • The Device not checked by the ETL technical department to determine and confirm the defective Device.

ETL assumes no responsibility for the repairs necessitated by the above problems. Repairs necessitated by the above problems and any other attributed to the Customer negligence shall be out of warranty and shall be performed at the Customer's cost.


Warranty Disclaimer

  • ETL assumes no responsibility for any total or partial loss of personal data during the repair procedure of the Device.
  • ETL is not responsible for any personal data that are included in the returned Device or the Device for exchange and offers no guarantee for the preservation of data (personal or otherwise) upon return, exchange, repair Devices.
  • ETL also assumes no responsibility for partial or total loss of data, which may be due to a defect in the Device, whether it arises under warranty or by Customer error.
  • If the Customer will not collect any items that have been given for repair within three months, then ETL is not responsible for their safekeeping.


Out of Box Failure (OBF)

ETL accepts returns on new Devices and can exchange these Devices within seven (7) days from the day of purchase provided that:

  • There is no physical damage on the Device or its accessories, or any signs of neglect due to: liquid damage, screen scratches, dents or marks. Please Note: Physical damage (including seemingly trivial surface scratches, marks, etc.) could result in the Customer claim being rejected
  • The Device must be returned to the store where it was purchased failing which it must be returned to the nearest store
  • The return of the Device is accompanied by the original receipt of purchase.
  • The original contents of the ‘box’, (Device, original battery, original charger, original antenna, manual and any other accessories) are available, are in an acceptable condition and the packaging intact/in a good condition.
  • The IMEI number on the boxthe IMEI number on the Device
  • All the above shall be assessed by the ETL technician to determine before being


  • Devices that qualify for exchange will only be exchanged for the same make and model. Where this is not possible for reasons beyond ETL's control, ETL will advise the Customer of the alternative options available at the time prior to completion of the service process.
  • The replacement /exchange may be with a new Device or refurbished/reconditioned Device.



ETL cannot accept return or exchange of top up cards and consumable Devices such as memory cards etc.


Loan Device - Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions apply to the loan Device provided to a Customer by ETL for the time that his/her own Device is brought to ETL for repairing.  By receiving the device, the customer agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions

  • Loan Devices shall be provided for devices that are in-Warranty only
  • The loan Device and/or accessories are subject to stock availability and ETL reserves the right to determine the model/ specifications of a loan Device.
  • At all times, the loan phone shall remain the property of ETL. The Customer is only granted rights of use thereto
  • The Device shall be used only by the Customer and he /she shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage to the loan Device including any offense committed with the Device whilst in his custody.
  • The Customer at the time of returning back the Device is required to ensure that the Device does is free of any Personal data / information such as contact data, photos, videos, messages or any other items which relating to him/her
  • The Customer must set the Device to the original factory settings before returning the Device back to ETL and remove, if any, the memory card (memory card). ETL will not accept any liability if the Customer does not do so and / or neglected to comply with its obligations under this Agreement with respect to personal data security.
  • If during the loan period, the Device appears to have any problem, the Customer must inform ETL. Only ETL and / or authorized employees shall repair the Device.
  • The Customer is obliged to return the Device to any ETL shop in the same condition was received otherwise the Customer will be held liable for all the repair costs or cost of replacement is lost or damaged. These costs shall be settled before the Customer own device is returned to him/her
  • By the time that a Customer is notified that his/her personal Device is repaired he / she shall, within seven (7) days return the Loan Device back to ETL and receive his/her Device.
  • New and Device exchanges shall only be collected by the Customer/owner. Where the Customer designates another person to collect his /her Device, he/she shall advise ETL in a form of a letter and attach a certified copy of his/her identification document and shall indemnify ETL against any loss whatsoever arising as a result.








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