This is a solar powered charger with a lantern that gives bright light. This is part of our green campaign in which we are investing more in alternative energies, raising environmental awareness and alleviating the crippling impact of worsening power cuts on service.

This Solar charger offers the following Benefits:

  • It gives a bright light that can last up to 20 hours
  • It charges almost all phones that are in the market including the latest smart phones
  • It has a light intensity switch where you can brighten up or dim the light
  • The lantern has got a hock with which it can be hanged from the top

These Solar Chargers with Lanterns are available at all ETL shops and at other retailers and organisations in rural areas such as convents and chiefs offices.

The Solar Chargers have a warranty of seven days; if after purchase defects are detected; the lantern will be replaced with a new one for free. If it gives problems after the warrantee period or due to negligence, the customer will pay a fee associated to repairing or replacing some parts of the charger so it starts operating again

The Solar Charger with a Lantern is sold at M320 each

HPS is a solar powered charger that provides four bright lights. It can allow for a four roomed house to be lit. It is safe to use as it will not burn your house and very affordable as you will be saving on money for buying candles or paraffin. This product is still in a pilot stage and will be launched in September 2013.

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