Removal of per minute billing and the introduction of Anytime rates for Mobile prepaid and Fixed line services

ETL customers have, over the years, had the opportunity to choose between two billing tariff plans namely; per second and per minute. This meant that a customer that selected per second billing paid for the seconds used only while per minute billing meant that the customer was charged a full minute rate inclusive of unused seconds.

Starting from the 2nd September 2016, ETL introduced one billing tariff plan for mobile prepaid services i.e. Buddie & Libertie (including Libertie Elite & Contract) and fixed line services i.e. Lehokela (Postpaid) and Lekomo (Prepaid). These services are currently billed per second only. This means that all the customers pay for the seconds that they use only. All existing customers on per minute tariff plan have been migrated to per second billing tariff plan and the new customers’ default tariff plan is also per second.

This change does not affect Nchoathi which is still charged M0.99 per minute for local non-ETL numbers and specified international destinations.

Buddie student tariff plan shall be revised and reintroduced as a distinct tariff plan and will be communicated in due course.

ETL has also removed the peak and off peak distinction for both mobile prepaid (Buddie & Libertie) and fixed line services (Lehokela & Lekomo) which have always been charged differently per time of the day over the years. The rationale behind change is that the need for differentiation which was initially to encourage non-business calls at the off peak times in order to provide a preferential for business calls during the day no longer exists.

Despite the changes, consumers still have the following options to enjoy:

vDynamic Tariffing (Buddie zone) that offers discount of up to 99 % thus customers can call for a minimum of M0.01 which is the lowest in the market. This tariff plan incentivises calls on the non-congesting BTS’s to relieve network congestion. This means that the lesser the traffic on the BTS, the higher the discount for the customer.

vNchoathi as a permanent product which offers unlimited on-net calls (ETL to ETL) and a flat rate of M0.99 per minute for local and specified international destinations.

vAffordable calling bundles that offer competitive rates

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