The Econet Happy Surprises campaign started in April and ended in August 2015. Throughout the winter season ETL customers were kept warm with surprises that ranged from free data, free minutes, groceries, smartphones, tablets, airtime and cash prizes. Topping the prizes list were luxury trips; two nights at Maliba Lodge and Afriski for one winner each, two customers won each a trip to Semonkong Lodge where they would be ferried to and from the lodge . Each winner got to travel with a loved one to these exquisite places. The prizes included opportunities to indulge in activities like horse riding as well as the internationally acclaimed abseiling to name just a few.

In order to qualify for the competition, subscribers had to buy data bundles, transact with Ecocash, or through SMS competition. Customers eagerly awaited surprises that ETL was giving out and this created tremendous excitement among thousands of Basotho. This week saw the end of the campaign with an event held at Sefika complex where hundreds of Basotho came to see Econet giving winners final cash and grocery prizes as well as the most desired Semonkong trips.

The event of the day was when winners of trolley dashes rushed through Shoprite aisles to grab anything they could throw into their trolleys within one minute. Bystanders flocked to the shop to witness this exciting event. To the surprise of many, people managed to rake into the rushing trolleys groceries worth over M4000.00.   Grocery items ranged from food, electronics and homeware utensils.

The campaign also had a humanitarian arm under the name Econet Happy Blankets. Hundreds of blankets were donated to numerous orphaned and vulnerable people country wide.   This was also made possible by the generous gifts of people who donated blankets and money towards this initiative.   Basotho stood together to affect the less fortunate positively. Once again ETL lived up to its key positioning elements ‘ Inspired to change your world'

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