EcoCash Spache-Fono is an Econet Telecom Lesotho Mobile Money Transfer Services.
It is a mobile wallet that allows Econet subscribers to do monetary transactions without a need of a bank account
Ecocash allows you to:

  • Save money in your wallet
  • Send and receive money across all networks in Lesotho
  • Buy airtime from anywhere at any time for themselves or other Buddie, Libertie and Lekomo subscribers.
  • Buy electricity
  • Pay DStv
  • Pay WASCO water bill
  • Pay Lesotho Funeral Services or Alliance Insurance Company premium.
  • Pay bills
  • Pay salaries
  • Pay School Fees
  • Buy goods from shops
  • Receive money from other countries (international cross border remittances) 

Click on links below to see a list of EcoCash agents, merchants and school that accept EcoCash payments




Click here for a complete list of current EcoCash service charges
Unclaimed Funds

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