Econet Connected Car Fleet Management Services is a world class real time tracking and monitoring system which monitors and relays vehicle data to owner or fleet management on the geographic location an status of their vehicles.  There is a package for individuals and a package for corporate clients.


This is a user friendly product that makes it possible to track the movement of vehicles and monitor driver behaviour, while receiving safety alerts and customised fleet management reports among other services. The reports can be viewed on a Web portal or on a mobile phone.


Individuals can benefit fro


m this service as they will be able to monitor their driving behaviour, including speed, as well as to track their vehicles at all times; whether in their possession or stolen. The information from this tracking device can be used to assist the relevant parties to recover the vehicle.

Any organization with more than two vehicles will benefit from putting a tracking device in their fleet. Some of the immediate benefits include better fuel management by ensuring that vehicles stay on prescribed routes; better staff management through notifications when a vehicle enters or exits specified virtual boundaries (popularly referred to as geo fences) and the ability to view and rectify bad driving behaviour. Fleet managers will use technology that gives them the capability to "see that the driver is delivering goods to the right place, is driving in accordance to rules expected, not speeding, and not abusing company vehicles by harsh braking or harsh acceleration".


  Installation Fee Monthly Subscription
Corporate Contract (12 months) M1, 800 including VAT M200 including VAT
Consumer Contract (12 months) M1, 800 including VAT M150 including VAT


 Visit the nearest ETL shop nationwide to subscribe or call +266 62220568



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