Buddie is a mobile voice prepaid package that is affordable and offers a variety of services and options. It is associated with networking and is all about friendship without boundaries. Buddie is centered on giving our customers not just a service but a deep rooted friendship which shows in its pay off line 'It's more than a friend, it's a Buddie'.

With exciting value added services under Buddie, Econet is delivering more value by giving customers the widest variety of products and services, which are aimed at making the lives of customers more convenient.

Buddie Per Second

This price plan is for subscribers who make short calls; you are only charged for the seconds you have used, not a second more.

Buddie Student

This is a package aimed at tertiary institutions registered under the Council of Higher Education in Lesotho. All students are required to have student numbers for them to be successfully registered and activated on the Buddie Student product. Students are required to have their student numbers to be successfully registered and activated on the Buddie Student product.

Closed User Group

A Closed user group is designed for people who associate to a common group; for instance, radio stations, churches, football teams etc. The members of a closed user group get discounts when calling each other and may be on a similar number range.

Buddie is affordable and offers a range of value added services that makes it exciting and caters for different needs.

The Buddie Sim card can be bought at any Econet shop, Econet dealers and at street vendors that are selling airtime.

Buddie Zone

Another buddie variant that enables buddie customers to make discounted calls to other Econet numbers.  Discounts varyevery hour and depend on location and time of day.  In order to enjoy the discounts, a buddie customer has to subscribe for buddie zone by dialling *122*1# from their cell phoone. 

After activation all further on-net calls will be discounted and the discount being offered will reflect at the beginning of every call.  Customers can also opt to activate cell broadcast on their phones and this will continuously reflect applicable discounts thus allowing customers to make calls when it best suits them. 

Activation is free of charge and is done once only

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